Summertime Madness

Love this…and not just because you plugged my book. 🙂 Love YOU and looking forward to helping you and Scott get settled in your new home.

Turner Adventures

For those of you following along, yes we have missed 3 whole months! This blog post is about all the madness and amazingness that has occurred in those 3 months.

Hello dear friends and family! If you are reading this, odds are that we have seen you and hugged you at some point in the past 2.5 months. We have travelled through 4 states, and been at home a grand total of 3 weekends during the months of April, May and June. And as you can imagine–WE ARE TIRED. Coming into this summer, we knew it would be busy. But there was no way to prepare for the emotional rollercoaster of having packed literally as much into the first 3 months of summer as humanly possible.

To work chronologically, the first large-scale event this summer occurred on April 27th. After two weekends of Hybrid classes in Raleigh, I was offered a position at…

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