Give Your Child the World – Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time

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GIve Your Child the World Cover

When I first heard the title of this book, I immediately felt a connection to the author, Jamie C. Martin. Like me, Jamie’s calling is to reach the next generation with the wonder that is God’s most amazing creation, the people around the world. Gaining an understanding for those who are not like us is an essential characteristic in our 21st Century world where we are closer in many ways, yet more divided than ever. Jamie’s book is a primer on how to teach your children systematically and from a young age to value and respect all people.

Jamie starts off by sharing a glimpse at her journey in becoming the mother of a multicultural family that represents four different ethnic backgrounds. But this book is not just for those who have adopted internationally and want their children to know something about their heritage. Give Your Child the World provides lists of age-appropriate books for age 4-12, categorized by the region or country represented and including a brief description to help you select books of the most interest to your family. She also has great suggestions for how to incorporate reading these books, or any books, into your family activities in a way that is sure to broaden your children’s (and maybe your own!) perspective on the world.

As a mother of four, my only regret is that my youngest is now well beyond the age for these books, but I was encouraged to see many familiar titles among them. Whether your interaction with children is as a parent, a teacher, a Sunday school teacher, or a babysitter, this book provides excellent guidance that allows you to give the children you love an experience they will never forget and create in them a love and appreciation for all people.

I highly recommend Give Your Child the World to anyone who has children in their life!

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