Chapter-a-Day: Joshua 19

eiffel-tower-1161353_1920.jpgJoshua 19

The Israelites divided up the land by casting lots in the presence of God, essentially asking God to determine the allotments by how the lots fell. Each tribe received a portion according to the size of their tribe so that there would be sufficient people to take and hold the land as well as to work the land, without being crowded which might create dissension or skirmishes within the tribe. Once everyone had received their allotment, Joshua, their leader and the general of their army, received his portion, which God had promised him.

Are we willing to wait for what God has promised us?

Are we humble enough to be last in line?

Do we trust God that our portion will still be provided, even if we serve everyone else first?

What areas of our life are we seeking to cut in line or to put our own needs or wants ahead of others?

What if we were more concerned with the welfare of the least of these than we are with our own, because we trusted God to take care of us as He has promised?

As their leader, Joshua could have said, “I’ll take my cut first, and then you can cast lots to see what the rest of you receive. After all, I’m the one who brought you across the Jordan, led you into battle, and provided victory.” Of course, he wasn’t. God was. But how often do we forget that once we have the victory?

Praying for the Lord to help me put this in to practice!

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