Chapter-a-Day: Judges 5

cornucopia-1789664_1920.jpgJudges 5

Has God ever done something so amazing in your life that you felt like singing? Something so awe-inspiring that you burst into song, composing the lyrics on the spot as an overflow of worship? That’s how I picture this song of Deborah. I suspect she didn’t spend months laboring over the perfect word choice or ensuring a posture of humility before God, but rather she was overcome by the victory God had given and sang the words spontaneously.

One of the biggest challenges in our busy, modern world is to stop and reflect on what God is doing in our life. What victories has God given you this week? What joys has He filled your life with or what tragedies has He comforted you through? What goals did He give you for this year and how have you seen Him equipping you and enabling you to accomplish them?

November is filled with remembrances to be thankful. Thankful for our nation and for God’s provision through the generosity of the indigenous people toward those who first arrived on these shores from Europe. Thankful for His continued blessing and prosperity on this land despite all the ways we have failed to follow Him from that first generation of Americans until today. Thankful for family and friends and fellowship with other believers. Thankful for health, if we have it, and for strength to endure if we don’t. Thankful that when our endurance comes to an end, we who have trusted in Christ will join with countless multitudes from every nation, tribe, and tongue to sing God’s praises eternally.

What are you thankful for? What will your song be today?

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