Chapter-a-Day: Ruth 2

paper-2568647_1920.jpgRuth 2

The Book of Ruth tells such a beautiful story of God’s love and care for us. His sovereignty over the circumstances in this book is evident in this chapter as Ruth happens to go to Boaz’ field on the first day she begins gleaning in the fields, and Boaz happens to come by and see her.

Our circumstances can often appear random. It may seem as if there is no rhyme or reason to the difficulties we face or the blessings we enjoy, but God sees the end from the beginning and is “working all things together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” Don’t get confused and think that God working things together for our good means a health, wealth, and prosperity gospel. God’s perspective on what is “good” is an eternal one that is often difficult for us to comprehend. What will help us grow closer to Him? What will make us more Christ-like? What will draw others into relationship with Him?

God’s plan for Ruth began before she was born. Although Elimelek was not living in obedience to God or trusting God’s promise to provide for Israel in the land He had given them, God’s plans included sending Elimelek to Moab and bringing Ruth back. His plans for Ruth included giving Boaz a soft spot in his heart for a foreigner, an outsider, because his own mother (Rahab) had been an outsider. His plans for Ruth’s future include the honor of being one of three women named in the genealogy of Christ (Matthew 1).

You and I have no idea the history God has orchestrated to bring us to this moment. We have no clue the future He has ordained for us as a result of what we are going through today. We see only this narrow sliver of seventy or eighty years. It’s a bit like dumping out a 5000 piece puzzle, selecting a single piece, and trying to understand what the completed image is. God is creating a masterpiece for all eternity, and our piece is essential, but it isn’t the whole picture.

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