Chapter-a-Day: Ruth 4

Thanksgiving dinner.jpgRuth 4

When Jesus sent his disciples out, He told them, “Be careful, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Be as wise as snakes but as innocent as doves.” That’s a great description of Boaz’ shrewd negotiations with his kinsman. He plans the meeting carefully, ensures he has witnesses to their agreement, starts the conversation with the land that would be involved so there is no room for accusations that he married Ruth to get the land without revealing the land to the nearer relative. In short, he has thought of every possible hindrance and has moved the obstacle before it even arose.

This is the same strategy Jesus commended to His disciples. Wisdom takes knowledge and applies it in practical ways. Wisdom requires us to consider the probable outcomes and be proactive in removing obstacles to our success.

Today is Thanksgiving, so let’s make some practical applications. If you know Aunt Susie and Uncle Jack are prone to heated political debates over the Thanksgiving feast, plan your seating with extra space between them. If Lula Mae is never on time, give her a “special” arrival time to ensure she arrives before the meal is served. On a more spiritual note, if seeing happy families on Facebook makes it hard to be thankful in your singleness, give it a rest for the day. If empty seats at the table this year distract you from the joy of those present, invite a friend who’s alone to fill those chairs. If the din of bad news is drowning out the chorus of giving thanks for all that God has done, spend some time in silence and allow Him to remind you that when we have nothing but Jesus, we have all we need.

As Ruth was rescued from poverty and desperate circumstances, we have been rescued from death. As Boaz planned his redemption of her to be foolproof, so God’s plan for our redemption is perfect and sure.

May God fill your heart with gratitude for all that He has done out of His great love for us!

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