Chapter-a-Day: 1 Samuel 1

people-2597796_1920.jpg1 Samuel 1

I never thought about why I believe God hears our silent prayers, but this chapter is confirmation that He does. Though her prayer for a son was silent, and even when confronted by Eli, she didn’t speak her desire aloud, God heard and knew the desire of her heart.

What prayer have you kept just between you and God? Do you wonder if He heard you? We don’t know how long Hannah waited for the answer to her prayer, but we know that Sarah waited many years. Trust the Lord’s timing and keep on praying.

Hannah’s prayer was accompanied by a promise: a vow to give the child to the Lord all the days of his life. How much easier that must have been to say than to do once the baby was snuggled in her arms!

But how amazing it must have been to remind Eli the priest of their encounter and to testify to the miracle God had done in answer to her prayer! God hears our silent prayers, but our testimony of His answer should be anything but silent.

What silent prayers has God answered for you?

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