Chapter-a-Day: 1 Samuel 7

remember-1750119_1920.jpg1 Samuel 7

When Samuel led the Israelites to turn back to the Lord, he required them to get rid of all the false idols they had worshiped. God does not share His worship with anyone or anything.

When the Philistines drew near to attack while they were worshiping God, He threw them into such panic and confusion that the Israelites defeated them and Samuel set up a stone of remembrance called “Ebenezer” meaning: “Thus far has the Lord helped us.”

As I decorate for Christmas, many of my ornaments or decorations serve as stones of remembrance. Visible, tangible reminders of God’s presence and deliverance in the past which help me turn my eyes and my hope to Him for the future. There are ornaments that I made years ago for each member of Randy’s choir to commemorate a Christmas cantata he led. These remind me of God’s faithfulness in providing for us as Randy served in ministry – sometimes through the miraculous generosity of others who gave just what was needed without it ever being spoken. There are ornaments to commemorate the birth of our children which remind me of God’s faithfulness in answering prayers for children, for their health and safety, for their walk with Him, for godly spouses for our daughters. There are ornaments that have been gifts from Randy’s students, reminding us of how God has used Randy’s ministry at NRCA to touch the lives of about 120 students each year for twelve years now – some 1440 students so far! And there are ornaments that each of us brought from our parents or grandparents that remind us of the godly heritage we are blessed with and that we will one day enjoy a sweet reunion with those who have followed Jesus all the way to heaven.

There are so many more that I could share, but I’d love to hear from you – what stones of remembrance have you set up? What tangible reminders do you have of God’s work in your life?

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