Chapter-a-Day: 1 Samuel 23

people-2595833_1920.jpg1 Samuel 23

David demonstrates a pattern of seeking the Lord, even in the midst of fleeing from Saul’s threats to his life. Imagine if David had presumed the people of Keilah would protect him, since he had just defeated the Philistines and freed the town from their grasp. Remaining in constant communication with the Lord, and responding in obedience to the Lord’s guidance, was critical.

I’m so often tempted to not do that, especially at times like this when there is so much to do! I forget that I have too much to do to NOT spend time with the Lord. My long to-do list will never be accomplished in my own power, and it certainly won’t be accomplished by giving up the time I spend with the Lord each morning to prepare for the day. I would be much better prepared if I neglected my shower, fresh clothes, or make-up than if I neglected time in God’s Word and prayer.

Can you imagine being on the run for your life and having the presence of mind to stop and seek the Lord? Perhaps that is when we are most prone to seek Him, when our life depends upon it. I seem more likely to neglect spiritual disciplines (as well as physical ones) when I have time off from work and no particular schedule to keep, when things are going well, than when I’m more conscious of my desperate need for Him.

How about you? Over the holidays, do you find yourself neglecting the very relationship that we are celebrating at Christmas, as I sometimes do? Does it seem more challenging to find the time to spend alone with Him, when you are spending so much with family and friends? Would it motivate you to realize that we each have a madman pursuing us, jealous of our blessing from God, seeking our destruction? We each need God to show us, TODAY, where our next step should take us just as David did. We need God as desperately when we enter the shopping mall as we do when we enter the surgical suite. His Holy Spirit should be our strength whether we are faced with Christmas party temptations or a thousand Philistine warriors.

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