Chapter-a-Day: 1 Samuel 30

typo-2551305_1920.jpg1 Samuel 30

It might have been easy for David, when he returned home and found his town burned and all the women and children captured, when his men turned on him and wanted to stone him for leading them to follow the Philistines and leaving their families unprotected, to turn on God. He might have questioned why God didn’t orchestrate their return sooner so that they might have defended their families. But instead, verse 6 tells us, “But David found strength in the Lord his God.”

When we are in the midst of a crisis, we might be tempted to blame God. To question where He was when we needed Him. To turn away and reject Him or to give up all hope. But David sets a great example for us in this moment (admittedly, not all his examples are positive, but this is one is.)

In his grief and desperation, he leans into God instead of turning away. He calls for the ephod and asks God’s guidance on what he should do. He obeys what God tells him, despite the risk to himself and his men. He pursues relentlessly the expressed will of God.

He makes it look easy. We find it is more challenging than it appears. When one disaster after another befalls our family or when we lose track of the number of friends we’ve said goodbye to over the past year. When our finances are hopelessly underwater and our kids’ are suffering in ways we can’t understand and for which there are no easy remedies. When “sorrows like sea billows roll,” can we way we find our strength in the Lord our God?

I hope so because He is the only One in whom our strength lies.

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