Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 2

puzzle-816021_1920.jpg2 Samuel 2

With Saul dead and David having been anointed to replace him by Samuel more than a decade before, this might seem like the ideal time for David to ride in and declare himself to be king. But that isn’t what he does. First, he seeks God’s guidance on whether to return to Israel. Then he waits until the elders of Judah anoint him (again) as king over Judah, rather than asserting his leadership.

David makes a lot of mistakes in his life, but this instance demonstrates the humility and trust in God that merited him being called a man after God’s own heart. His faith in God’s sovereignty allowed him to be patient and know that God would fulfill all He had promised — and that God was not dependent on David to “make” it happen.

I’ve learned this lesson so many times when I’ve tried to make something happen rather than trusting that God’s timing is perfect and His plan is sure. The more I learn to rest in His promises and trust that He never fails to accomplish His purposes, the more success I enjoy and the more I can praise God with the knowledge that it is all about Him. Nine times out of ten, my efforts only slow down or hinder the process, or lead to sins of pride, bitterness, greed, or envy.

I have to remind myself daily that God’s plans for me, and for those I love, are greater and grander than anything I can imagine. And certainly better than anything I could manipulate or achieve. Even when things look difficult or the end result looks impossible (like when David was living in exile with the Philistines, or hiding in a cave), it is all part of the plan that God is orchestrating to bring about His purpose for David to rule Israel. His plan for you and me may not be to lead a nation, but only God knows the eternal impact of His purpose for our lives. We can trust that He will achieve it, that it will bring Him glory, and that our job is only to seek Him, obey His leading, and watch Him fulfill His plan for our life.

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