Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 3

face-268908_1920.jpg2 Samuel 3

The story of David is like many of us in that one moment he is trusting God and seeking him before making a move, and the next moment he is ignoring God’s guidance and taking seven wives. OK, maybe we aren’t engaged in polygamy, but we often find ourselves justifying behavior that is just as egregious. Although David was anointed king and blessed by God in many respects, his life also demonstrates the heartache and tragedy that follows from our ungodly choices. Our salvation through Christ doesn’t absolve us of the earthly consequences of our sin, and whether the sin is defying God’s plan for marriage or cheating on a test, the impact of sin is exponentially greater than we anticipate.

We often tend to categorize someone (both in the Bible and in our lives) as good or evil. We either lift them up as a paragon of virtue and ignore the evidence to the contrary, or we vilify them without consideration of the experiences or circumstances that led them down this path. David shows us that people are more complex than that.

Like David, we also often ignore the sin that entangles us and focus on the sin of those around us. If we focus on removing the plank from our own eye before considering the faults of others, (Matthew 7:4-5) we are unlikely to find the time to judge others.

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