Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 4


2 Samuel 4

Apparently Rekab and Baanah didn’t get the memo that David was waiting on the Lord to give him the throne of Israel. They thought he would reward them for dispatching the only remaining son of Saul and clearing the way for David to be king of all of Israel. Instead, David ordered them killed and made an example of them by cutting off their hands and feet and displaying their bodies as a warning to others that might seek to “help” him.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating, God’s will for your life will NEVER require you to violate His commands. So, that wonderful man, who seems to be the One God designed especially for you, but who is married to someone else? Nope. That fabulous job opportunity which requires you to compromise your integrity? Nope. What about reaching the lost by joining them in behavior God calls sin? NO. Spend time with them. Love them and show kindness. But allow God to bring conviction and lead them out of sin through your example.

Consider the root of this notion that our sin can somehow accomplish God’s purpose. For Rekab and Baanah, their action suggested that David needed their help to kill Ishbosheth. David, who had killed Goliath and thousands of other Philistines, did not need their help. God is big enough and powerful enough and sovereign enough that He does not need our help. He invites us to join in His work — but not by breaking His commands! When we begin to justify our propensity for sin by suggesting that we are somehow serving God’s purpose, we are on a very dangerous slope.

When we are steadfast in following God and trust Him to resolve the situations that seem to have no God-honoring solution, He is more than able to work things out in ways we can’t imagine. We honor God’s covenant of marriage and God proves Himself to be our faithful husband. We pass on that questionable opportunity, and God provides something more fulfilling that we never dreamed of. We stand fast to our morals when friends fall into sin, and God uses our testimony to draw them to salvation as they wonder, “Why are you so different?”

God’s Will never requires you to violate God’s commands.

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