Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 5

waiting-410328_1920 (1).jpg2 Samuel 5

How long have you been waiting for the Lord to fulfill His Word? As best I can tell from the Bible and online research, David was about fifteen when Samuel first anointed him as king of Israel. He spent most of the next seven and a half years demonstrating loyalty to the existing king and running for his life when Saul became jealous and tried to kill him. He spent another seven and a half years after Saul had died and his only remaining heir had died, as King of Judah in Hebron before the elders came and anointed him king of all Israel.

He’s not the only one in the Bible who had some waiting to do. Joseph waited even longer, sold into slavery, unjustly accused, and wrongly jailed before God’s promise of leadership would be confirmed. Abraham waited twenty-five years for the promise of a son. The nation of Israel waited four hundred long, silent years from the last prophecy to the coming of the Messiah. So long, in fact, that many didn’t recognize Him when He came!

We all may go through periods of waiting, times when God has called us to a task, but it doesn’t seem to be happening, despite our obedience. Perhaps you’re waiting to serve in ministry – you’ve studied and prepared, you’ve prayed and applied for opportunities, yet no doors seem to be opening. Or maybe you are waiting for a child. Maybe you are waiting for healing.

In one sense, we are all waiting for God’s promises as we anticipate Christ’s return.

No matter how long we wait, or how frustrated or discouraged we may become, God’s promises are sure. His timing is on eternal scale that is hard for us to comprehend, yet not one of His promises will go unfulfilled.

Whatever promise you are waiting for, keep persevering. In prayer, be confident in knowing that God is true to His Word. Don’t be tempted to take matters in your own hands, to try to force a solution through extraordinary (or ungodly) means – I’m looking at you, Abraham and Sarah. Trust that when the moment comes, and you see the Lord fulfill His promise, it will be worth any wait.

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