Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 12

sheep-2153406_1920.jpg2 Samuel 12

Isn’t it amazing how clearly we see right and wrong when we don’t think we’re involved? David quickly judged the man in Nathan’s story as worthy of death for stealing a beloved lamb, but had justified his own behavior in stealing a man’s wife and having him killed.

There’s also a powerful lesson in Nathan’s words when David recognizes his sin, “The Lord has removed your sin,” Nathan replied to David. “You won’t die.14 However, because you have utterly disrespected the Lord[e] by doing this, the son born to you will definitely die.”

Sometimes, even after God has removed our sin, there are still heartbreaking consequences.

While not all tragedy is the result of sin in our lives, sin in our lives always results in tragedy.

We cannot willfully disregard God’s laws and escape unscarred. And we don’t get to choose what the specific consequences may be. We might think that we are willing to suffer pain or death in order to gain that thing which seems so precious in the moment of temptation, but in David’s case, the consequences ripped in to his heart rather than his own body. The people we love are often the ones who suffer because of our sin. We see examples of this on the news every day – drunk drivers who survive the accident that kills a child, unfaithful spouses whose lewd behavior even decades ago is now destroying their family, disobedient children whose parents are bankrupted by trying to resolve their children’s legal issues.

Jesus came to save us from our sin, not only in terms of the final consequences of our sin – separation from God for eternity – but also from the temporal consequences by giving us the Holy Spirit to turn us away from the sin before it can wreak havoc in our lives! Asking Jesus to save us means that we also must ask each day and often for His Spirit to give us wisdom and discernment so that we don’t fall for the seductive plots of the enemy. It means being where God called us to be, so we don’t even put ourselves in temptations way, so we aren’t pacing our roof looking for trouble.

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