Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 13

2 Samuel 13

Where does one even begin with an account like this? A brother plotting and scheming to get his sister alone so he can rape her? Another brother plotting murderous revenge? A father choosing to look the other way to all of it?

We begin to see that rotten fruit which David sowed ripening. The chapter begins, “some time later.” Often the sin that we’ve long forgotten is the one that brings such a bitter harvest much later. We are definitely seeing that in our culture today as accounts of behavior decades old is destroying families and even ministries. No matter how long you keep a secret buried, it eventually will rise from the dead to create its own version of a zombie apocalypse!

Even worse, failing to recognize the seeds of that sin allows them to continue to spread to other areas of your life. In David’s life, the seed was his failure to confront sin for what it is. First in his own life, then in Amnon’s life, and finally in Absalom. It always seems easier to ignore a problem, but in the long-term, ignored issues only multiply.

Ignoring the maintenance of your home can lead to expensive destruction from termites, mold, or rot. Ignoring maintenance of your health or telltale signs of illness lead to serious health issues that are past an easy solution. Ignoring sin — “little white lies,” lack of self-control, lust, selfishness, or pride — allows them to grow into problems which can destroy your marriage, your ministry, your family, your reputation, and your life.

We probably have all seen this happen in the life of someone we know — hopefully not our own. Job tells us that not all catastrophe is the result of sin in our life, but David tells us that sometimes it is.

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