Chapter-a-Day: 2 Samuel 16

afterlife-1238610_1920.jpg2 Samuel 16

As David fled, a distant relative of Saul’s named Shimei ran along the hillside parallel to the caravan pelting them with rocks and shouting curses on David. When one of David’s guards offered to kill the man, David stopped him and suggested the man was only saying what God told him to say. “Leave him alone; let him curse, for the Lord has told him to.”

David’s perspective was that everything which happened to him was from the Lord, both the blessings and the calamity. He knew that he deserved the man’s words, even if they were inaccurate regarding his treatment of Saul’s family and the cause of Saul’s downfall. Still, he knew that he was a murderer and a scoundrel. He knew that God had told him through the prophet Nathan that his sin in taking Uriah’s wife and orchestrating his murder had brought a sword upon his own house.

Our response to the consequences of our actions often determines our future. Are we willing to learn from our mistakes and make different choices or do we blame others and continue to fall into the same sin time and time again? Accepting responsibility for our circumstances is key to changing them.

Even in the midst of being ousted from power, physically assaulted, and fleeing for his life, David’s faith was not that everything would work out — but that God was just and sovereign.

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