Chapter-a-Day: 1 Kings 17

sky-1084433_1920.jpg1 Kings 17

It’s easy to read about the prophet Elijah and think of how unique he was among followers of God. He was used by God to perform many miracles from prophesying drought to raising the widow’s son from the dead. We think of him as special because of the amazing ways that God worked through him.

But that puts our focus on Elijah rather than on the God who performed those miracles.

The same God who kept the widow’s cupboard stocked is the One who supplies our needs. The same God who gave life back to her son is the One who gave His Son so that we might be raised to new life. The same God who emboldened Elijah to confront a thoroughly pagan king is the One who gives us the courage to stand up to injustice.

The miracles were not in Elijah but in the One who was with Elijah. And that is the One who is also with you and me!

We are focused on a year of prayer in our church this year and one of the things we are learning about prayer is that God wants us to come boldly with our prayers. Our small group talked about how we can take our small, value-meal prayers and super-size them! Don’t pray for a good day at work or school, pray for God to use you this day to speak words that draw a friend or co-worker to the gift of eternal life! Don’t pray that your meal would nourish your body, pray that God would empower you to nourish the souls of those you encounter today. Pray that God would take your prayers and blow them up into something only He can do, so that all who see them would be astounded. So that we can proclaim His goodness for His glory!

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