Chapter-a-Day: 1 Kings 21

sky-2667455_1920 (1).jpg1 Kings 21

With all the evil that Ahab did, when he humbled himself, God still relented from sending judgment on him during his lifetime. What incredible mercy! Like Saul, who was guilty of murder but found grace, there is no depth from which God will not rescue us if we respond to Him with humility.

Our message this weekend from pastor J.D. Greear’s book, Not God Enough, is about how our insecurities reveal that we have not recognized the power of our God. When God called Moses and Moses moaned about how unprepared he was, God didn’t give him a pep talk about the power of positive thinking. He just said that He would be with him. That’s all Moses needed. And God with us is all you and I need to accomplish the impossible dream God has called us to!

I’ve seen this in my own life as God gave me a dream of publishing a story about teenage missionaries which might inspire the next generation to carry the gospel to the world. God granted more than I imagined by blowing up that single novel to a series! Even as I continue to complete this series, He has put a new project on my heart that He tells me will strike at the heart of the racial division in the body of Christ.

Friends, I say with Moses, “Who am I?” Who am I to think that I could write something that would have any  value for the kingdom of God? Who am I to think that I could write something people would even read? Who am I to think that someone would pay to publish my words or to read them?

I know full well that I am not worthy of any of those things — and if I thought for a moment that I was, editing my latest work has disabused me of any such illusion.

But God’s Word says that it isn’t about me, it’s about God. And He is worthy of all things, able to do all things — and His abilities are not limited by my disabilities!

I know. I’ve drifted far afield from Ahab. But the point is that God was not finished with Ahab. While there is yet breath, there is hope. Your limitations due to age, health, poverty, education, or even due to sin or addiction do not define your possibilities. God defines them. He says they are infinite because He is infinite, and He is with you if you will humble yourself and call on the One who says “I am” to all the things you and I are not.

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