Chapter-a-Day: 2 Kings 12

people-2557486_1920.jpg2 Kings 12

Raised by Jehoiada the priest, King Jehoash followed God. He even instigated and led the efforts to repair the temple. But when Hazael, the king of Aram, marched toward Jerusalem, his faith faltered and he sent all the holy items that had been dedicated to the temple of the Lord to the king to save the city from disaster. It worked and appeased Hazael, but I have to wonder how it might have worked out if instead of raising God’s temple to appease a pagan king, Jehoash had prayed and asked God to be his defense?

It’s a great illustration of the battles we often face. We start off strong in the faith. We begin a good work. Initially we face some setbacks, but we persevere through them. Then an attack comes. One that seems overwhelming and insurmountable. Instead of seeing it as the Lord’s battle, giving it to Him, and continuing in what He has called us to, we start looking for a human solution. Sometimes we find that the only solution we can come up with is one that we know is not God’s best.

God’s best solution for Jehoash was not to raid the temple for a bribe. God’s best solution for David was not to arrange Uriah’s murder. His best solution for Peter as he watched Jesus being led away, was not to try to free him by the sword. His best solution in our lives is not to give meagerly to ensure our needs are met first, it’s not to demand justice through violence, or to destroy our future generations for the sake of today’s comfort.

His best solution for every overwhelming situation we find ourselves in is for us to turn to Him and seek Him with all our hearts. For us to trust that He is a good father, who not only has our very best as His goal, but knows what IS our very best far better than we do!

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