Chapter-a-Day: 2 Kings 13

eye-2644086_1920 (1)2 Kings 13

What I noticed as I read this chapter was a phrase that has been repeated many times as the Bible recounts the various kings of both Israel and Judah. “He did what was evil/good in the eyes of the Lord.” Each of the leaders of these two kingdoms is summed up with such a statement. Either they did what was good or what was evil in the eyes of the Lord.

It made me wonder how my life would be summed up? We all fall short, and even David, who was described as being a man after God’s own heart, failed to live up to God’s standards.

But what we see in these kings as the defining factor in regard to their rule is their perspective on God. Did they worship God or did they elevate some idol to the place of worship, not only for themselves but for those they led by their example?

You and I have those we are leading by example as well. Our children. Our friends. Our co-workers. Our social media connections. Even the people that we interact with on a daily basis as we buy groceries, pump gas, eat in a restaurant.

Are we displaying an example that demonstrates to them who God is, or are we a role model for the worship of materialism, beauty, greed, or hedonism? This is about more than a bumper sticker on your car or attending a church.

The phrase “in the eyes of the Lord” also stuck with me. The repetition of the phrase over and over regarding each of these kings illustrates a critical point that we often overlook.

The only perspective on our life that really matters is God’s.

It doesn’t matter how popular we are. Doesn’t matter that we are a hard worker or a beautiful woman or a smart cookie or a captain of business.

Who are we in God’s eyes?

And this is where I can be really tempted to dive into legalism and try to work up the “she did good in the eyes of the Lord” on my own – what a futile effort that is!

The gospel is that Jesus did only and always good in the eyes of the Father, and when I claim Him as my savior, God sees only HIS goodness when He looks at me.

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