Chapter-a-Day: 2 Kings 19

lego-3024169_19202 Kings 19

I love the image of King Hezekiah spreading the threatening letter he had received from the king of Assyria out before the Lord in the temple. What a vivid picture of how we should lay our troubles at the foot of the cross! We battle not against flesh and blood, but against the power of our adversary, Satan. And, therefore, the battle is not ours. It belongs to the Lord and He has already rendered the enemy defeated.

Whatever struggle we are facing, there are only two possible outcomes. Victory, meaning we overcome whatever the challenge is by the power of Almighty God. Or victory, meaning God uses this enemy to destroy whatever is broken in us in order to show us our need for Him and restore us to Himself.

God always wins.

And if our hearts are aligned with God’s will for our life, then we can see the victory even in our setbacks and failures. We can see the hand of God allowing us to fall, in order for us to learn to lean on Him.

Our failures don’t leave God shaking His head in exasperation. “There she goes again. I thought for sure she had learned her lesson.”

No, God knows exactly which temptations will trip me up. Again. He knew about them BEFORE Christ went to the cross to pay the debt for them.

He knew when He spared King Hezekiah from the king of Assyria what would come next. And He knows what is coming next for you. He knows whether you’re going to finally trust Him alone for victory, or whether you’re going to rest in your own strength…and discover once again that it isn’t enough.

Whatever is looming over your life like an enemy army surrounding the city, lay it before the Lord. Cry out to the One who can overcome even death itself!

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