Chapter-a-Day: 2 Kings 20

family-1827369_19202 Kings 20

Just like you and I, King Hezekiah had moments of profound clarity in his walk with God, and moments of monumental foolishness. When he was surrounded by the enemy, he spread their blasphemous threats before God and called on Him to interceded in a situation where only God could save him. When he was dying, he called on God and God answered his prayers.

But then a delegation from a distant land came. They seemed peaceful enough. Certainly not a threat to him or his people. Isn’t this just like us? We face huge battles by clinging to God and then we trip on a tiny pebble and face-plant, spiritually speaking.

We can be so focused on the major battles that we miss the infiltration of the enemy in the places we least expect. Like a magician using distraction to draw our attention away, the enemy keeps our eyes set in one direction while he sneaks in with little temptations that erode our faith, corrupt our resolve, and leave us destitute.

Even more heartbreaking, we can be like King Hezekiah in focusing on our own well-being and oblivious to the price which will be paid by our offspring. We focus on today’s battle and ignore the example we set for those to follow. Is our example one of wholehearted dependence on the Lord or one of self-sufficiency? Are we teaching them that they are strong, powerful, and competent or that they are flawed and deeply in need of salvation? Are we sending the message that if they try hard enough, they can be whatever they want to be or that if they seek God, He will provide for them and use their life to achieve His purposes?

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