Chapter-a-Day: 2 Kings 25

bible-1806079_1920.jpg2 Kings 25

It seems to me that every account in the Bible, no matter how bleak the circumstances, ends on a hopeful note. This chapter is one of the most discouraging, in one sense, because the people of Israel are so utterly defeated, each time they try to rise up, they are crushed even further; but it ends with King Jehoiachin, who was being held captive in Babylon, being released and treated as a guest in the palace of the King of Babylon for the rest of his life.

The Bible doesn’t tell us why the new King of Babylon, Awel-Marduk, released Jehoachin. And there is no mistaking that both Awel-Marduk and Jehoiachin were ungodly men—even the king’s name means “servant of Marduk,” the patron deity of Babylon.

Still, I see an illustration of the gospel playing out as Jehoiachin, though completely undeserving is pardoned, given royal robes, and invited to dine at the table of the king. In fact, according to Jewish tradition, Jehoiachin repented of his sin while in prison, and the gospel of Matthew records that he, who was also called Jeconiah, was included in the genealogy of Jesus.

The story illustrates, too, that there is no depth we can sink to which God cannot pull us from. There is no level of sin beyond which we cannot be saved.

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