Chapter-a-Day: 1 Chronicles 1

1971 Bowens1 Chronicles 1

Yes, I’m a day behind.

It was a busy weekend filled with family. My daughter and son-in-love traveled from Virginia to spend the weekend with us. We had our first four-generation-luncheon with my mom—yes, I know Princess Little Bean has not yet made her debut, but she was with us and the center of attention! Then dinner and my youngest son’s performance as Chef Louie in The Little Mermaid (I’ve heard, “He stole the show!” approximately ten times, so I’m not bragging when I say he was absolutely fantastic. Tickets are still available at  for this Thursday, Friday and two shows on Saturday.) We worshipped with the family Sunday morning (minus one sick son-in-love). Then on Sunday afternoon, we celebrated the coming-in-8-weeks arrival of our first granddaughter with a shower for Megan and Scott where extended family, church family, and friends blessed them with prayers, love, and gifts. In between all this sweet time with family and after everyone else went to bed, I was working on final edits for KenyaQuest which were sent to the publisher around 10pm last night.

It was a busy vacation 2014

But it was also the perfect illustration for this chapter which recounts the genealogy from Adam to Abraham and then from Abraham to Israel. But this is also one of the few places where the generations of those not in the line of Jesus are also recounted. We learn of Ishmael’s descendants and of Esau’s family line.

1986 family reunion

We learn that even aside from providing the royal heritage and patriarchal lineage of the Savior, family is important. Not just important for reciting a list of descendants, but important because we see the connections between generations. We see how faith, or lack of faith, is transmitted generation to generation. We see the fruit that is produced in generations of faith and in generations of faithlessness.



family at Kelseys weddingInvesting in family is always worthwhile. God places us in families, sometimes by birth and sometimes by choice, but we are joined together nonetheless. God’s design for family is to love one another, support each other as helpers, and encourage our brothers and sisters, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren and cousins to grow in faith.

Definitely a weekend well-spent.

(Ideally, these would have been pictures of our family from this weekend…but I didn’t get any so I’m waiting on friends and family to send me what they captured digitally!)

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