Chapter-a-Day: 1 Chronicles 2

family-tree-295298_1280.png1 Chronicles 2

A chapter of genealogies, especially one filled with unpronouncable names, can be a challenge. But the thing I find interesting in this chapter is that many of the family lines recounted are not those in the line of David. They aren’t in the lineage of Jesus. They aren’t in the line of Moses, or Solomon, or anyone else of note as best I can tell.

They’re nobodies.

But they are recorded in the most well-known, well-read book in the world.

Because in God’s eyes, we are all somebody.

Even in our sin and rebellion, we still matter to God.

Have you ever had someone in your life who disappointed you so many times, betrayed your trust in so many ways, that you finally just wrote them off? Shook the dust off your feet, moved on, and seldom even brought their name to mind?

God doesn’t do that.

There is no point in your life at which God gives up on you. No moment when He says, “She just isn’t worth the effort.” No time when He turns His back on us, because all of that was poured out on Christ on our behalf.

When Christ was on the cross, the Father turned away, so that He would never turn away from me. When Christ died, He was separated from the Father, so that I never would be. When Christ arose and returned to the Father, it was so that I could do the same.

At the show my son was in this weekend, I did what I do at every show: As soon as I received the playbill, I searched for his name. Have you ever done the same? Have you felt the rush of pride and joy over seeing your child’s name printed in the playbill, the band program, the Honor Society induction, or the athletic program?

It doesn’t really matter what they’ve done—our pride comes from the fact that they are ours, regardless of their individual accomplishments or performance.

So when I wonder, “Lord, why did you include this long list of names I cannot pronounce in your Word?” I hear Him whisper back, “Because they are my children, too.”

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