Chapter-a-Day: 1 Chronicles 23

woman-1733891_1920.jpg1 Chronicles 23

One of the ways King David prepared for the future was to declare Solomon to be his successor. He also established the work plan for the Levites who would serve in the Temple, including assigning duties by the various clans and changing the age for Levitical service from thirty to twenty in order to have sufficient personnel for the jobs required.

That really strikes a chord in me. My day job is managing human resources. I oversee the recruitment of personnel for the North Carolina Division of Public Health. Having sufficient numbers and highly qualified personnel for the important tasks of our organization is essential, and I’ve seen firsthand the challenges of trying to operate without the resources needed. It’s a little like operating your home budget paycheck-to-paycheck. You keep your head barely above water, but the first time you have an unexpected expense, you’re sunk.

Jesus also knew the importance of having the right people for the job. He called each of the disciples specifically. They all had a role to play—even Judas.

As believers, we each have a role as well. Whether it is a formal calling to evangelize, to preach, to counsel, or to teach, or a supportive role using gifts of administration or encouragement, God has called each one and assigned them a task (or perhaps, multiple tasks). Knowing what God has assigned us to is incredibly liberating!

Just as I don’t have to stress over managing the purchasing function at work, I can trust God has called someone specifically to that need within the body which seems to be unmet.

I don’t need to worry that the need won’t be met—I only need to ask the Lord whether He’s called me to meet it.

Our pastor often puts it this way: “Not everything from heaven has your name on it.”

In this age of social media and 24/7 news, there are far more needs in this world than any of us could meet. Just contemplating them and experiencing empathy for those in war-torn countries, living in poverty, suffering from disease, or aching from the pain of loss is overwhelming and exhausting. A tender-hearted person can either grow cold or wear themselves out trying to “fix” all that is broken in this fallen world.

Praise the Lord! He hasn’t called any of us to fix it! That’s His role!

But He has called each of us to do something. There’s a popular contemporary Christian song out that speaks to the idea of seeing all the pain and suffering in the world and crying out to God, “Why don’t You do something?” In the song, God replies, “I did. I created you.” Yes, God created us, and we are supposed to do SOMETHING.

But ultimately, God is the One who will remedy all that is broken and corrupt. Until that day comes, we can rest in focusing on the job He has given each of us.

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