Chapter-a-Day: 2 Chronicles 5

people-2587954_1920.jpg2 Chronicles 5

I love this source of a favorite chorus, “He is good, His love endures forever.” The response of the nation of Israel to the establishing of the Temple, perhaps the pinnacle of their nation in regard to following God, was overwhelming worship. With sacrifices, with musical instruments and voices lifted in praise, they poured out such adoration that the glory of His presence filled the temple—so much that the priests could no longer perform their duties!

I wonder if anyone complained?

“Hey, I’m trying to make a sacrifice over here! Could we clear the air a bit so I can see what I’m doing?”

Maybe it’s just me, but I can get so very caught up in my worship of God that my attention is more on that than on God Himself. I can let the tall person blocking my view of the screen, or the lyrics and melody that are unfamiliar, or the volume that is either too high or too low become a stumbling block and forget that worship isn’t the song, it’s the attitude of my heart toward God in that moment.

I can also get so caught up in serving God, that I miss an opportunity for deeper relationship with Him. My husband suggests that I may have a neurological disorder that causes my hand to shoot up in the air if a call for volunteers isn’t met with a response within 30 seconds. There are so many opportunities and needs, and so many issues that tug at my heart, that I struggle to retain my focus on the things God has specifically called me to do. I often forget that anything I’m doing in my own strength, rather than as God’s calling and with His Spirit empowering me, is of no value. I will be spinning my wheels on a stationary bicycle if God isn’t the One enabling and empowering the work!

Make no mistake—God desires relationship more than frenzied worship, voluminous sacrifices, or 24/7/365 service!

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