Chapter-a-Day: 2 Chronicles 9

sunset-3292912_1920.jpg2 Chronicles 9

When the queen of Sheba saw all of Solomon’s wealth and opulence, heard his wisdom, and experienced his generosity, she was overwhelmed. While this is an account of Solomon’s grandeur that is corroborated by oral tradition from Ethiopia, it also forms a moving picture of our own awe in the presence of the King.

Have you ever paused to really absorb the immense power of God to speak into existence everything in the natural world? Have you examined the minute structures within a cell or gazed at the night sky in a remote area and considered the attention to detail that could design both? When circumstances in your life appear chaotic and out of control, but come together in ways you never would have chosen—but in retrospect would not have changed—do you see the hand of God weaving a masterpiece that leaves you speechless?

When was the last time your contemplation of God’s power, His holiness, His goodness, His grace, or His wisdom left you speechless?

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