What is Thunderclap and How Does it Work?

Thunderclap is a tool that allows us to get a message out to a broader audience – to reach people who are friends of friends of friends. People use it to get a message out about social issues or about their business. In my case, I’m hoping to let people who have never heard of me know about my new young adult suspense series, The International Mission Force. The series follows the stories of teens serving around the globe as they live out their faith confronting political turmoil, social issues like human trafficking and drug abuse, racism, poverty, and spiritual warfare. The stories incorporate the folklore, culture, geography, and sites to take the reader on a voyage to an unknown land.

The way Thunderclap works is that supporters sign up by clicking the link and providing their Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr account and giving access for Thunderclap to post the message I’ve drafted at a certain date and time. In my case, that is July 31, at noon (EST). This will not allow Thunderclap to access your personal information or to randomly post things for you. You are granting one time permission for this one post. My campaign target is 100 supporters. I’m currently up to 29 supporters – and the anticipated reach of those supporters is over 50,000 people! Those are mostly people who don’t know me and have never heard of my series. Salespeople will tell you that for every ten doors you knock on, two will open the door and perhaps 1 will make a purchase. If this post were equated with that knock on the door, 50,000 doors would equate to as many as 5,000 purchases!

But this is not really about sales and certainly not about money. This series has been, from the first spark of an idea, about inspiring future missionaries. It’s about helping young people grasp both the thrill of living in sold-out abandon for Christ and the amazing adventure of traveling outside your comfort zone and meeting people so very different from you. Each of us is made in the image of God, and learning to appreciate and value the amazing diversity of God’s creation is essential to following Him well.

Thank you for stopping by and for sharing this adventure with me!


Join my Thunderclap Campaign NOW!

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