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Nicole Wise loves her new life in Prague almost as much as she loves telling people about Jesus. But when an election upset changes the balance of power in the formerly communist country, Nicole’s outspoken attempts at evangelism lead to her parents’ arrest on espionage charges. Nicole and her little brother, Adam, must avoid being captured by corrupt authorities and prove their parents aren’t spies.

They meet Jakub, a handsome, young Romani Czech, who has grown up homeless, his family victims of widespread prejudice against the Roma people. He leads Nicole and Adam through the streets and underground tunnels of the ancient city as they search for the evidence of her parents’ innocence. Their only hope is to make the proof public in a desperate bid to save them before it’s too late.

As they try to evade authorities, Jakub’s knowledge of the history and culture of their new home proves irresistible to Nicole as he shares tales of folklore and mythology, mystical creatures, and God’s protection. Along the way Nicole also learns the value of family, the power of prayer, and the importance of standing up for truth.

The trio succeeds in their quest only to discover that it may be too late. Her parents are caught in a standoff between political forces that threatens to erupt into a bloody civil war. Nicole must stand alone against an army, her faith her only defense.

Second Place for Fiction – Young Adult at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in May 2012



The Greatest Enemy Lies Within

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Peter, the oldest of seven children born to missionaries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, resents the idea of leaving the only home he’s known to go to college in the States. His parents insist he needs to leave the shelter of the familiar in order to discover a real and vibrant faith of his own. When he stumbles on evidence of a murder and reports it to the police, he launches his family and his best friend, Kasey, into a world of drug smuggling and human trafficking which threatens the lives of everyone he loves.

Peter’s temper lands eighteen-year-old Kasey in the hospital where they meet Esperanza, a sixteen-year-old victim of Hector, the same villain who threatens Peter and his family. The stakes are higher than ever. Esperanza is desperate to escape not only the vicious traffickers, but her own dependence on the drugs they used to control her.

Peter confronts his own darkest emotions and the consequences of his choices.

He must decide between defeating the cartel through powers darker than Hector himself or trusting God to provide victory through the love of Christ.

They meet on the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni – where heaven meets earth – for the ultimate showdown between good and evil. But the greatest enemy he faces lurks within his own heart.

Will Peter’s secondhand faith provide the courage to defeat a cartel, protect his family, and free the girl who has hijacked his heart?


Second Place – Suspense – Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2015 under the title “Where Heaven Meets Earth”

Coming June 15, 2018  – Volume 3: KenyaQuest


KenyaQuest 500x750

Grace Holder has spent seventeen years held captive by fear, but longing to seize life with the zeal of her best friend, Jessica. When Jessica returns from a mission trip to Kenya and challenges Grace to fully trust God, Grace must prove to her friend, and to herself, that she can overcome fear and live by faith.

She sets out to experience all the excitement her friend described by following in her footsteps to serve in Mombasa, but discovers there is more to fear than her imagination conjured. The harsh realities of living in poverty jeopardize her faith, and her own prejudices threaten to undermine the work. Meanwhile, her heart is torn between falling for the mysterious medical student, Erasto, and keeping her usual safe distance from a risky relationship.

When her new friend, Chinira, is hospitalized in the midst of a medical strike, Grace and Erasto must pitch in to care for those in need. Grace finds protection for her tender heart by building barriers against the pain and suffering all around her. But just when she is most vulnerable, news from home leaves her broken and hopeless.

Can she climb out of the pit of fear and learn to trust God even when life doesn’t make sense?

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